anna sladek painting in her colorful art studio

Anna was born in Chagrin Falls, Oh, which is an artsy town east of Cleveland. She has six brothers and sisters, a mom and dad; all of whom are very supportive of her. Along with creating art, Anna enjoys walks in the metro parks, swimming, fine dining, spending time with loved ones, shopping, fashion, animals, & music. The Zoo, Aquarium, and Art & History Museums are some of her favorite spots. She also loves to spend time in her art studio located in her parents home where she currently lives.

Anna has dealt with a lot of difficulties throughout her life. She was diagnosed with downs syndrome at birth. She didn’t walk until she was two years old. When she did walk she was soon running, dancing, swimming, and riding horses. She was very active up until she developed a rare type of arthritis as a teenager. This changed her life dramatically. Mobility became difficult on a daily basis and as a result, there is no longer any connective tissue between her joints in her fingers. It is a miracle and remarkable she is able to paint at all.

Shortly after graduating high school Anna chose to pursue art as her profession. Myself, her legal guardian, brother Brian, and sister Morgo are helping to make Anna’s business possible. We are excited for her! She truly enjoys art show experiences, re-stocking cards in shops, and meeting her fans. And of course, painting is her most favorite of all!

Thank You for visiting today and if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Anna & Mom

Anna Sladek and Mom

Her Biggest Fan & Supporter


Annasart Drug Mart Greeting Cards

Anna is a big hit at our local Drug Mart!

Nature Lover

Anna Sladek at the park

Exploring During Ohio’s Beautiful Summers

Fresh Flowers

anna smelling fresh flowers

One of Anna’s Biggest Inspirations

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